In August 2014, Dr. Ivan joined Fr. Cyril Axelrod in a trek across the Andes to reach the peak of Macchu Piccu in Peru. This was done to raise funds and awareness towards CALF - the Cyril Axelrod Legacy Foundation -


Father Cyril is a DeafBlind priest and a close family friend of Dr. Ivan. Blessed with his friendship, he also baptised his third son Mark in 2011. He is a beautiful witness of the joy that comes with trusting so fully on God for all things. Quoting Father Cyril: "I often experience so many obstacles and always offer them to Him as my trust in Him." If you had to ask him about his disablity and his relationship with God, he claims that his DeafBlindness is a gift from God. "Surely God never makes a mistake, so my DeafBlindness is part of His perfect plan, it is His gift to me." Father Cyril's work is global and he goes around the world preaching and encouraging that suffering and disablity are gifts. He has trained and set up deaf and deafblind inclusive services around the world for over 42 years. CALF plan to continue and expand upon his work around the world and for future generations. I thank you for all the support given. All donations for this cause were greatly appreciated.