Services at Animal Doctors Vet clinic include


    • Vaccinations and check up consultations
    • Weight clinics
    • Dentistry
    • Surgery 
    • Day patient care at the clinic
    • Prescription Diets
    • Microchipping and Pet passports

    To help us make the right diagnoses and decisions we can make use of ....

    • In House Lab - We are able to make full blood tests on the premises, making  faster and more accurate diagnoses. These include haemathology, chemistry and  urinalysis. We can also test for SANDFLY, Ehrlichioses, Heartworm disease and Ringworm.
    • Gaseous Anaesthesia -
    • Ultrasound - We use this for pregnancy diagnoses and also to investigate medical conditions, such as liver, spleen, kidney and uterine disease.
    • Digital Direct Radiography - latest state of the art computerized x-ray equipment. 
    • ECG - this is useful to monitor heart conditoins such as arrythmias and other heart disease.
    • Blood Pressure Monitoring - Hypertension is a common disease in animals especially in cats. We can monitor your pet's blood pressure with specialized euipment. Blood pressure is usually monitored in renal and cardiac patients regularly but is also suggested routinley in elderly pets especially cats over seven yrears of age.
    • Cytology - we can examine small samples taken from any lumps and bumps, checking if they are dangerous or not. We can also analyze skin scrapes to check for parasites and other skin conditions.
    • Full Ophthalmic examination - including in/direct ophthalmoscopy, Tonometry and Slit lam examination
    • Patient Database - we have an excellent computerized database which enable us to keep track of all our patients' history, medication and progress.